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Yoga is incredibly effective for releasing tension, creating deep relaxation, and slowing the busy mind. It is possible, by cultivating awareness through the techniques given, to develop a deep understanding of one’s body, energy, mind, and the spiritual aspects of life.

Yoga does not emphasize the destination, but the process: the efforts of human life, a life of practice and self-reflection. As you go through your personal journey, the destination naturally reveals itself. In this way, all spiritual traditions are compatible with yoga. 

If you wish to practice yoga for your health and wellbeing then this available to all. Our teachers are aware of society’s need for this and dedicate themselves to the relief of such suffering. If you wish to develop a deeper understanding of your body, energy and mind, and to have greater energy and capacity, this is also possible through regular practice of even the most simple yoga. If you wish to explore and evolve your full potential then this is also possible. The magic ingredient is not the teacher, although they are also important. What brings yoga to life is your commitment to undertake consistent steps on this journey towards self understanding.

“Established in your own essential nature”. ~ Yoga sutras 1.3

Our popular group classes

A well balanced class of dynamic yoga postures, with breath expansion. This allows you to enter into a deeper state of awareness of your body, mind and energy.

Deep Relaxation
Traditionally known as Yoga Nidra – deep sleep, is an ancient practice to restore and balance your vitality It calms your nervous system and brings clarity of mind.

Guided Meditation
Experience how to tame the busy mind, dive into the wonders of meditation, inviting peace, compassion and establishing your most natural state – joyfulness.

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