The Art of Being

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Prana simply means energy, however, the true understanding of the sanskrit term is very vast. Every element holds a particular set of qualities. For example earth has the qualities of solidity, coldness, and often dampness. Although earth or a rock does not move in the naked eye, it certainly possesses qualities and therefore holds a particular vibration, a particular energy. One can also state that all elements water, fire, wind and space have all specific qualities, intelligence and energy. Pranamoves is a medium of understanding and appreciation of such energies all around us. These energies are constantly moving according to the laws of nature. Whether through art, lifestyle, body, breath and awareness, these energies are within us and can be expanded externally in our environments.

Our ability to express through such mediums is essentially to understand the Self; or to come back to our most natural state – joyfulness, to love, to be free.


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